The Rapture and the 7 Year Cycle

The so-called “7 year cycle” has been referred to extensively by many in the financial community. The cycle started in 1973 and the economic indicators are unmistakable.

7 year

This tread led many analysts to predict a financial collapse starting around September 2015. But, what if the cycle points to much more?

Note that many key events around these cycles had little to do with the global economy. Take a closer look at the list:


  • The Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion, leading to over 60,000,000 abortions
  • The Arab oil embargo, when oil barons raised the oil prices and held the world hostage
  • Arab nations remove funds from Western banks / Nixon begins the Petrodollar
  • The Yom Kippur War
  • The Twin Towers in New York are completed
  • A half shekel offering was taken in Israel to build the Jewish Great Synagogue
  • The Hong Kong stock market collapses


  • Saddam Hussein invades Iran, triggering the Gulf War years
  • World leaders pledged to seek alternatives to Middle East oil dependence
  • Mount St. Helens erupted
  • The price of silver skyrocketed as the Hunt brothers manipulated it
  • Gold prices moved from $159/oz. to $800 /oz. in one week
  • Recession intensifies


  • Black  Monday happened, U.S. stock market crash far worst than crash of 1929
  • Terror network Hamas founded
  • Supernova visible to the naked eye, first one since 1604
  • Festival in Babylon, Iraq, to celebrate restoration


  • Asian stock market crash
  • Bond market crash
  • Russia invades Chechnya
  • Kim Jong II becomes dictator of North Korea, U.S. negotiates their nuclear timetable
  • Rare New Madrid earthquake in North America
  • Israel and Jordon sign peace treaty
  • 6.7 mega-quake in Los Angeles causes $40 billion in damage


  • Dot Bomb crash of technology companies
  • U.S. new “Day of Infamy” with 9/11 terror attacks, twin towers destroyed
  • Global stock market crash
  • U.S. led military ousts Taliban from Afghanistan


  • U.S. stock market crashes 777 points in one day, global financial meltdown
  • Massive earthquake in China kills 70,000
  • Israel launches air and ground attacks in Gaza after Hamas attacks
  • Obama becomes President, begins Muslim/socialist agenda


  • The worst year for the global stock market since 2008
  • China devalues the Renminbi amid an economic slowdown
  • Refugee crisis roils Europe
  • ISIS terrorists strike on three continents
  • Negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program produce a deal
  • 7.9 earthquake hits Nepal, leaves thousands dead
  • President Recep Erdogan of Turkey scores a stunning electoral comeback
  • Turkey and Russia begin cold war

When studying this cycle with a critical eye, we can see that many key historical events are happening during these dates, including the End Times factors we are focusing on. Some of the critical signs are pointing to the imminent Rapture of the Church include the fall of the global economy, leading to a one world government, the “Ezekiel Invasion”, an invasion of Russian and Arab forces into Israel, the environmental “birth-pains” increase, as foretold by Jesus, and a comprehensive peace plan that allows the rebuilding of Jewish Temple. These 7 year cycle events point to the climax of these trends.

Right now we are witnessing historic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and flooding.

All of these events are prepping us for the final 7 year cycle – the future Tribulation years. Before they begin, the Rapture of the Church will happen.



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