In His Image

LORD, we thank You that You created the Heavens and the Earth with Your Spoken WORD, Your Son Jesus by Your side with Holy Spirit and You made it beautiful!!!

God Created Heavens and Earth


You set diamonds in a velvet backdrop with a lovely moon by night to light the evening sky and the wonderful Sun to rise in the morning at daybreak.



The birds rejoice and sing their praises to You Abba!!! The grasses and trees sway in the breath of Your Holy Spirit help to cool the land from the beautiful warm sun shine.



The lion roars Your praise and the gazelle leaps with joy as they celebrate LIFE.
We celebrate also and give thanks for the wonderful LOVE AND BLESSINGS You bestow upon us.



To we who were created in Your image and likeness, even as we are sinners You love Us. Thank YOU for everything!!!



Please consider seeing the beauty You created in us and forgive our sins. We hold the horns of the altar asking for our needs to be met and Thank You for answering in the name of Yeshua! Bless You LORD!



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