3 Unsolved Problems – and the Answers!

People have looked up to the night sky with questions, including: “Why is there something, rather than nothing? How did life originate? What is the ultimate fate of Man, and the Universe?” The Bible has the answers! … More 3 Unsolved Problems – and the Answers!


Son of Hell

The abortion “clinics” have filled America with innocent blood. In addition, the Obama administration has promoted abortion worldwide. Is the Lord willing to forgive? It may be too late for the world system, but for each individual who has breath, it is never too late for God’s forgiveness. … More Son of Hell

“Earthshaking Middle East development”

What are some critical signs are pointing to the imminent Rapture of the Church? Three key events include the “Ezekiel Invasion”, a comprehensive peace plan that allows the rebuilding of Jewish Temple, and the fall of the global economy, leading to a one world government. All events point to the country of Turkey and it’s leader Recep Erdogan being central in these events. … More “Earthshaking Middle East development”