Raised From the Dust to a Throne of Honor

Raised From the Dust to a Throne of Honor

He raises the poor from the dust
and lifts the needy from the garbage pile.
He seats them with noblemen
and gives them a throne of honor. (1 Samuel 2:8)


The stories of Moses, Daniel, Joseph, and Mordechai are inspiring accounts of how people of faith can rise from humble beginnings to positions of power through dedication, perseverance, and faith. These heroes faced numerous challenges, but their unwavering commitment to their beliefs and values enabled them to overcome adversity and achieve great success. In this message, we will explore the journeys of Moses, Daniel, Joseph, and Mordechai.




Moses was born into slavery in Egypt and was raised by the daughter of Pharaoh. Despite his privileged upbringing, Moses was aware of his Hebrew roots and felt a strong connection to his people. One day, Moses witnessed an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave and was outraged. He intervened and ended up killing the Egyptian. Fearing for his life, Moses fled Egypt and spent the next forty years living in the desert.

During his time in the desert, Moses developed a deep connection with God and was chosen to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. Despite his initial reluctance, Moses accepted the challenge and, with the help of God, led the Israelites to freedom. He then spent the next forty years leading the Israelites through the desert and guiding them towards the Promised Land.

Moses’ humble beginnings as a slave did not prevent him from becoming one of the most influential leaders in history. His unwavering faith in God and his commitment to his people enabled him to overcome adversity and achieve great success.




Daniel was born into a noble family in Judah but was taken captive by the Babylonians when they conquered Judah. Despite being a captive, Daniel remained faithful to his Jewish beliefs and refused to partake in the Babylonian culture. He gained favor with the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, and was appointed as an advisor to the king.

However, Daniel’s refusal to worship the Babylonian gods angered some of the king’s officials, and they plotted against him. They convinced the king to issue a decree that prohibited anyone from praying to any god other than the king. Daniel defied the decree and continued to pray to God. As a result, he was thrown into a den of lions. However, God protected Daniel, and he emerged unharmed.

Daniel’s unwavering faith in God and his refusal to compromise his beliefs enabled him to rise from a captive to an advisor to the king. His story is a testament to the power of faith and the importance of standing up for Yahweh.




Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob and was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. He was taken to Egypt and sold to Potiphar, a high-ranking official in Pharaoh’s court. Joseph proved to be a skilled and trustworthy servant and was eventually appointed as the overseer of Potiphar’s household.

However, Joseph’s fortunes took a turn for the worse when Potiphar’s wife falsely accused him of attempted rape. Joseph was thrown into prison, but he continued to remain faithful to God. While in prison, Joseph interpreted the dreams of two of Pharaoh’s officials, and his interpretations proved to be accurate. This led to Joseph being summoned to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams, and he was eventually appointed as the second-most powerful person in Egypt.

Joseph’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of remaining faithful to God. Despite being sold into slavery and falsely accused, Joseph remained steadfast and ultimately achieved great success.




Mordechai was a Jewish exile who lived in Persia during the reign of King Ahasuerus. He worked as a scribe in the king’s court and had a cousin named Esther who was chosen to be the queen. Mordechai refused to bow down to Haman, a high-ranking official in the king’s court, and this angered Haman. Haman devised a plan to exterminate all the Jews in Persia, and he convinced the king to issue a decree to that effect.

Mordechai was instrumental in foiling Haman’s plans. He convinced Esther to reveal her Jewish identity to the king and to plead with him to spare the Jews. Esther risked her life to do so, and the king ultimately rescinded the decree. Mordechai was appointed as the chief advisor to the king, and the Jews were saved.

Mordechai’s story is a testament to the power of courage and the importance of standing up for what is right. Despite the great risk to his own life, Mordechai refused to bow down to Haman and ultimately saved the lives of his fellow Jews.


What about Christians – are we raised from the dust to a throne of honor?


After this I looked, and there in heaven was an open door. The first voice that I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.”

Immediately I was in the Spirit, and a throne was set there in heaven. One was seated on the throneand the One seated looked like jasper and carnelian stone. A rainbow that looked like an emerald surrounded the throne. Around that throne were 24 thrones, and on the thrones sat 24 elders dressed in white clothes, with gold crowns on their heads. Flashes of lightning and rumblings of thunder came from the throne. Seven fiery torches were burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God. Something like a sea of glass, similar to crystal, was also before the throne. (Revelation 4:1-6)

One was Seated on the Throne

Our first vision of the Lord as King on His throne is at the covenant ceremony:

Then He said to Moses, “Go up to the Lord, you and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and 70 of Israel’s elders, and bow in worship at a distance. Moses alone is to approach the Lord, but the others are not to approach, and the people are not to go up with him.”

Moses came and told the people all the commands of the Lord and all the ordinances. Then all the people responded with a single voice, “We will do everything that the Lord has commanded.” And Moses wrote down all the words of the Lord. He rose early the next morning and set up an altar and 12 pillars for the 12 tribes of Israel at the base of the mountain. Then he sent out young Israelite men, and they offered burnt offerings and sacrificed bulls as fellowship offerings to the LordMoses took half the blood and set it in basins; the other half of the blood he sprinkled on the altar. He then took the covenant scroll and read it aloud to the people. They responded, “We will do and obey everything that the Lord has commanded.”

Moses took the blood, sprinkled it on the people, and said, “This is the blood of the covenant that the Lord has made with you concerning all these words.”


Then Moses went up with Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and 70 of Israel’s elders, and they saw the God of Israel. Beneath His feet was something like a pavement made of sapphire stone, as clear as the sky itself. God did not harm the Israelite nobles; they saw Him, and they ate and drank. (Exodus 24:1-11)

In this meeting, we witness God on a sea of glass, just like John’s experience in the Revelation. Present is Moses and his inner circle, as well as 70 elders. They represent the 12 tribes of the Old Covenant, and are redeemed by the blood. The similarities are hard to miss.

Ezekiel also witnessed the Glory of God:


The shape of a throne with the appearance of sapphire stone was above the expanse. There was a form with the appearance of a human on the throne high above. From what seemed to be His waist up, I saw a gleam like amber, with what looked like fire enclosing it all around. From what seemed to be His waist down, I also saw what looked like fire. There was a brilliant light all around Him. The appearance of the brilliant light all around was like that of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day. This was the appearance of the form of the Lord’s glory. (Ezekiel 1:26-28)

24 Elders

Notice the 24 elders are:

* Wearing crowns

* Seated on thrones (having authority)

* Dressed in white


The promises to “the victor” in the 2 chapters previous to this one, apply to all of us who are true believers, who have been baptized, covered by His blood, and sealed by His Spirit:

Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. (Revelation 2:10)

But hold on to what you have until I come. The one who is victorious and keeps My works to the end: I will give him authority over the nations — and he will shepherd them with an iron scepter; he will shatter them like pottery—just as I have received this from My Father. (Revelation 2:25-27)

In the same way, the victor will be dressed in white clothes, and I will never erase his name from the book of life but will acknowledge his name before My Father and before His angels. (Revelation 3:5)

I know your works. Because you have limited strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name, look, I have placed before you an open door that no one is able to close. (Revelation 3:8)

Because you have kept My command to endure, I will also keep you from the hour of testing that is going to come over the whole world to test those who live on the earth. I am coming quickly. Hold on to what you have, so that no one takes your crown. (Revelation 3:10-11)

The 24 elders represent all of us, the entire Body of Christ – every Old and New Testament believer.

The Bible uses our relationship as the Church with Jesus Christ as His “body” and His “bride”. These are symbolic designations for something so wonderful and beyond our comprehension that we can’t fully understand it at this time.


As a redeemed Christian, know that:

  • You are forgiven of all sin (Ephesians 1:7)
  • You are predestined, called, justified and glorified (Romans 8:30)
  • You are being transformed into Christ-likeness (2 Corinthians 3:18)
  • You are sealed by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13-14)
  • You are holy (Hebrews 10:10)
  • Your spirit is already seated with Christ in Heaven (Ephesians 2:6-10, Colossians 3:3)


If you are not sure that you are a member of the family of God, you can accept Christ into your life right now, by praying:

“Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.  Please forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life.  I ask you in to my life and heart to be my Lord and Savior.”


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