Rapture and End Times – An Update

What are some critical signs are pointing to the imminent Rapture of the Church?

 * the fall of the global economy, leading to a one world government
* the “Ezekiel Invasion”, an invasion of Russian and Arab forces into Israel
* the environmental “birth-pains” increase, as foretold by Jesus
* A comprehensive peace plan that allows the rebuilding of Jewish Temple
Below are some headline updates from March 2016, and all of this happened within the last 30 days – that confirm many of the key events we have been following:
Fall of the Economy leads to a One World Government
Revelation 13:1-10, Daniel 7:16-24, Daniel 2:41-42
2016 Headlines:
  • Financial Crisis 2016: High Yield Debt Tells Us That Just About EVERYTHING Is About To Collapse
  • Euro on the brink of DISASTER: Germany’s debt plans could send currency into MELTDOWN
  • Mark of the medical beast: ‘Tech tattoos’ will store your personal medical and financial information on a microchip embedded in your skin
  • NKU student wants to be first with chip implanted
  • China Is Buying Up American Companies Fast, And It’s Freaking People Out
  • Total Currency Collapse and Reset Coming
  • Japan’s Negative Interest Rates Are Driving up Sales of Safes
  • Governments of the World are Coming for Your Cash
  • Citi: “We Have A Problem”
  • Deutsche Bank: It’s time to buy gold
  • Cities Of Refuge: Why Are People Creating Hundreds Of Places Of Refuge All Over America?
  • Dot-Com Bubble 2.0 Is Bursting: Tech Stocks Are Already Down Half A Trillion Dollars Since Mid-2015
  • 2015 Was The Worst Year For The Stock Market Since 2008
    27 Major Global Stocks Markets That Have Already Crashed By Double Digit Percentages
    The Dow Has Already Plummeted 2200 Points From The Peak
  • I see bubbles bursting everywhere: Top academic
  • Why This Sucker Is Going Down – The Case Of Japan’s Busted Bond Market
The Ezekiel Invasion
Ezekiel 38 – 39
 2016 Headlines:
  • Report: Russia will send first S-300 missile system to Iran on Thursday
  • Russia, Iran ready to ‘reinforce’ military cooperation
  • S-300 Was Just the Beginning: Iran Plans Huge Arms Deals With Russia
  • Hezbollah Threatens It Can Hit Israel With a Low-Tech Weapon That Will Pack the Punch of a Nuclear Bomb
  • Iran to Russia: $14bn to build us a modern army
  • Experts: Invasion of Syria Could Lead to Nuclear War
  • ‘Hezbollah has become a small faction serving the Russian bear,’ group’s founder says
  • Russian air umbrella shields Syrian Druze enclave
  • Perle Predicts Putin Will Be ‘More Aggressive’ as Russian Economy Deteriorates
  • World War 3 Could Very Easily Turn Into The Very First Nuclear War In The Middle East
  • Putin Threatens Turkey With Nukes
  • Turkey Warns Russia : We Can Occupy You In Seven Days
  • EU’s Mogherini: War between Russia and Turkey could be on the horizon
  • Saudis, UAE Staging Troops in Lebanon for Damascus Attack
  • Breaking: Saudi Arabia moves planes to Turkey, Joint attack on Russian, Syrian and Kurdish forces begins
  • NATO Ready to ‘Fight and Win If Necessary’ Against Russia
  • U.S. test-fires ICBMs to stress its power to Russia, North Korea
  • US, Israel involve 6 air defense systems in unprecedented missile defense drill
  • U.S.: Russia uses ceasefire process to seize key Syria territory
  • Top Intel Officials: U.S. Faces Highest Terror Threat Level Since 9/11
  • Iran parks Palestinian terrorists on Golan border
  • Report: Hezbollah prepares for ‘biggest war ever’ with Israel
  • Saudis ready to give Syrian rebels missiles against Russian warplanes and tanks
  • Russia to deploy its only heavy aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean
  • Hizballah starts secret WMD program at Syrian site
  • Analysis: Putin’s power move in Syria puts Russia on par with US
  • Israel fears Russia’s pullout from Syria will leave dangerous void
  • Russia Test-Fires Hypersonic Zircon Missiles For Nuclear Submarines, Weapons To Reach Mach 5 Speed
  • Russia can make powerful Syria military comeback in hours: Putin
  • US army chief voices ‘grave concerns’ over readiness for war
  • Risk of nuclear war in Europe growing, warns Russian ex-minister
  • Dem says Russian subs ‘dangerously close’ to U.S.
  • Are We Living World War III?


Environmental “Birth pains” increase

Matthew 24:8


2016 Headlines:
  • Death toll rises as Fiji cleans up after ‘strongest ever’ cyclone
  • Largest fireball since Chelyabinsk falls into the ocean: Nasa reports huge explosion of seven meter space rock over the Atlantic
  • West Island residents say they hear ‘strange trumpets in the sky’
  • Beetles, butterflies and bees, oh my! Pollinators face extinction, study says
  • ‘Throat of Fire’: Volcano spits ashes 8km high, prompts orange danger level in Ecuador
  • Major Volcanic Activity Amidst Planetary Alignments Could Trigger Mega Quake
  • Is the San Andreas Fault about to shift?
  • Huge quake strikes off Indonesia but tsunami warnings cancelled
  • NASA finds: Mediterranean drought ‘worst in 900 years’
  • NASA only has a 10% chance of detecting deadly asteroids before they strike Earth
  • Beyond record hot, February was ‘astronomical’ and ‘strange’
  • Giant holes found in Siberia could be signs of a ticking climate ‘time bomb’
  • DANGER VOLCANO ERUPTS sending giant ash cloud 30,000 feet into air sparking flight fears


Comprehensive Peace Plan that allows Rebuilding of Temple

2 Thessalonians 2:4, Daniel 9:27


2016 Headlines:

  • Israelis, Palestinians secretly discuss French initiative
  • France presents Israel, Palestinians with peace plan
  • Israel, Turkey to Resume Rapprochement Talks
  • How to reverse engineer Israeli-Palestinian peace
  • Amid concerns Syrian war may widen, Russia urges Israel to resume peace process
  • France plows ahead with plans for Israeli-Palestinian peace summit
  • Obama: Important to give hope to Israelis and Palestinians
  • Turkey’s Foreign Minister: Reconciliation Efforts With Israel Close to Completion
  • New plans underway to relaunch talks on two-state solution
  • King Abdullah Meets Two Fringe Jewish Groups to ‘Re-launch’ Peace Efforts
  • Israel think tank seeks to revive Arab Peace Initiative to push forward peace process
  • Abbas hopes French peace initiative succeeds like Iran deal
  • France looks to Egypt to push peace bid
  • Indonesia leader calls on Muslim world to unite on Palestine
  • Report: Obama to use UN to divide Jerusalem
  • Obama’s Lobbing Yet Another ‘Peace Plan’ at Israel
  • Does Erdogan believe he’s on a mission from God?
  • Can the UN legally impose a solution on Israel?
  • Eastern spirituality to meet Israel at Jerusalem conference
  • Abbas to French envoy: PA contacting int’l parties about peace conference
  • Palestinians welcome Paris peace bid as ‘timely, realistic’
  • Japan backs France’s peace initiative
  • Trump: A peace deal with the Palestinians in Israel’s interests
  • UN, Quartet Working on Strategy to Revive Israel-Palestinian Authority Peace Talks
  • Netanyahu renews support for two-state solution with Palestinians
  • EU Ambassador to Israel: A two-state solution is the best antidote to BDS

All of the signs in 2016 are pointing to the fall of the global economy, leading to a one world government, the “Ezekiel invasion” of Russian and Arab forces into Israel, the environmental “birth-pains” increasing, as foretold by Jesus, and a comprehensive peace plan that allows the rebuilding of Jewish Temple.

Are we getting closer to the Rapture and the 7 year Tribulation?






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