Rapture 2018: Earthshaking Middle East Events

Some recent earthshaking Middle East news items point to the Ezekiel war being prepared right now. So, what will happen to the Lord’s people? … More Rapture 2018: Earthshaking Middle East Events


Rapture 2018: The Last Generation

In the book of Matthew, we see Jesus teaching the Apostles that the Rapture will be linked to a certain generation. This generation started when Israel was reestablished as a nation in 1948. This is the last generation. … More Rapture 2018: The Last Generation

First Contact?

The Devil knew that the Lord was setting up humans to one day rule the Universe with Him, and so he targeted the first people by turning them against their God. He then released his followers to mate with Earth women and infect the human race with his offspring, the “weeds” that would look human. … More First Contact?